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We aim to provide quality education locally and internationally from Kindergarten to GCSEs. 


Cognitive skills are the brain-based abilities acquired from a set of practical experiences of versatility. These skills are helpful in

child creativity

Creativity is an extensive and inherent tendency to amalgamate old bits and pieces to a comparatively novel and rewarding visualization.

Grammar Schools Introduction and brief review Grammar schools are government-funded secondary schools in the state that select pupils based on

why us?

one to one tailored study plans

After assessing your child’s academics, we tailor the lesson plans that strengthen the foundation and ensures the learning growth and academic progress in your child.  Our qualified teachers give individual attention to each child which helps them to grow in their own capacity. 

NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) based teaching

We teach the child to bring out the best of their potential with undercurrent NLP techniques. This enhances confidence and boosts learning.

Assessment of learning styles

We believe every child is unique and hence, our teaching is based on a child’s specific learning style. This boosts the learning speed of the child.


A gallery filled with wonderful moments spend with kids online and physical.   Enjoy!

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