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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn our aims and how we started.


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Our story


Tots and Tweenies Limited aims to provide a unique and one-on-one learning experience. The tutoring services cater to children from KS1 to GCSE also involving exams like 11 plus and SATs and range from integrating comprehensive learning to energising and vitalising your child’s interests in the best possible way. We plan to take his learning experiences past the regular reading material, instead of adhering to the existing inflexible systems. Other services like home-based day care and NLP therapy aim to improve their productivity and rational thinking of your child. 


Our goal for each of our students is to have them gain the competence and confidence to proceed through life after getting equipped with all the rich opportunities in their lives. Brilliant Young minds will work eagerly with educators and instructors to get assistance with executive functioning, study skills, and regulation of time and schoolwork so they can be successful in all academic as well as non-academic areas.


Our one-on-one tutoring services offer a unique learning experience. Your child benefits from having his personal mentor to assess his learning capacities and reinforce remarkable learning experiences or expand academic performance in a way that will help him in the longer run. We employ a wide variety of educational tools. Mentors become acquainted with the individualised learning style of your child and can similarly adjust their teaching techniques. 


We also employ small group discussion methods to help them think for themselves and to allow them to shape and categorise their ideas more productively. 


Childminding, which is a home-based day care system, is also a part of our services. The quality of care and education that is experienced in early childhood helps in shaping minds and triggering creativity in young minds. The divergent impact of our home-based care and learning in the form of definite child care, as well as family support, is worth mentioning here.


           We aim to help your child become a better communicator, form better relationships with peers, and make more positive social and behavioural adjustments right from the beginning. Your child will ultimately become more competent in his or her learning and more successful in managing his or her school work. Learning will be a fun experience for your child. With steady consolation and adequate motivation, he will reach a point where he does not feel overwhelmed or disappointed with the idea of attending his school. we use individualised teaching methods to create a fun, engaging, and a personalised academic atmosphere


We support the view that learning should be engaging as well as fun. We really hope to show you how to bring fun to learning when working together. Mentoring will set up your kid for challenges and tests, while coaches work with your kids on specific objectives and points. Their evaluations and comprehension of the subject will fundamentally improve when working with a coach.

NLP Child Therapy

We also provide NLP Child therapy to improve your child’s rational thinking and to help him think more reasonably. Our Neuro-Linguistic Programming feature involves a variety of techniques to help children with the reprogramming of their neural pathways in a way to attain the maximum benefits of logical thinking, positive behavioural modification, personality growth and a coherent visualisation.

We aim

To Offer....

An individualized and remarkable learning experience
    Attainment of confidence and certainty
    Reshaping of your child’s mind

    One on one tutoring and attention
    Improved outlook on learning and school

    Positive study and workspace
    Improved social and conduct aptitudes

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    Freedom to as questions
    Improvement of social and behavioural skills Boosting up confidence and self-esteem

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