Ever since this pandemic has hit the world, no area of Human life remains unaffected by its emerging challenges. There is an obvious alteration in the day-to-day life of the global population observed in a fairly short time following this blizzard of panic and uncertainty. Everything that is a deviation from normal brings about disequilibrium, confusion and disorganization. This pandemic and some serious social restrictions during a lockdown resulted in families worldwide struggling with their everyday routine and rhythm.

There is thus a need to create a schedule and stick to a pre-determined routine. This helps to gain the sense of liveliness, order and normality in these trying times. Lockdown can be distressing as there is this fear of not being able to live a normal life again. Imagine how colourless and dull our lives become with this overwhelming fear of being caged like a bird for an indefinite period of time.

Parents these days find themselves looking for practical and innovative ways to deal with this situation. A simple and applicable routine that is easy to follow and brings about the sense of revival and optimism in your child is what you need to consider.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a famous proverb. It highlights the importance of introducing healthy and playful activities in a child’s routine with his regular studies and learning hours, optimized as per his needs and preferences. This word ‘routine’ might only bring the image of an all-time studying child immersed in his books all the time. Learn to manage studies and healthy activities in an efficient manner that retains the essence of daily life.

If you are struggling to find enough to fill your child’s day, make a list comprising everything you want to include in this daily life starting from as soon as he wakes up and including all the activities till his bedtime. Time his sleep and wake routine and never let your child spoil his daily clock as the regulation of circadian rhythm is important for his overall health and well being. Not attending school should in no way mean waking up late and missing out on all the opportunities that a well planned day with all its activities holds for him.

Consider this time as an opportunity to focus more on your child’s health. Try to introduce healthy eating habits. Find it as a golden window of opportunity to keep a check on the caloric requirement and composition of his diet. There should be a definite time for every meal. Try to improve the quality of the ingredients to ensure good health and strong immunity for your child.

All the parents out there must be struggling with new routines and trying not to lose their minds in this time of stress. Be assured that you are not alone and will survive this storm with a little planning and wise scheduling. Children minds have already been trained to follow a routine throughout their school time. Make use of this fact and determine studying hours during those times of the day. Do not forget to include short breaks and creative activities in between the long study hours. Younger children require more breaks while older kids can work independently in longer stretches per subject based on their capacity. The key is not to let them lose their attention. Consider Online classes if you feel a need to enrol them in these classes and short courses of their choice.

Have realistic expectations while homeschooling your kids. This might be the first time for both of you. Give everything a fair amount of time to find the right track. Try building a strong and supportive relationship with your child. After all, in the end, you are going to make some great memories together to last even after this temporary lockdown is over.

Indulge your child in some healthy activities throughout the day. Staying at home and enjoying your leisure time should not mean some extra hours of screen time. There is a fairly great number of other productive activities that you can arrange with minimal or even no effort at all. The health of your kid requires him to stay active while staying at home.

Engage children in household chores as well. On normal days you help your child while getting up, organising stuff, getting ready, eating, combing, etc. This is high time to help them be independent in these activities. Consider this as the perfect opportunity for them to learn these skills by themselves. Reward them on finishing work or chores efficiently. Build a sense of competition among your children so that they engage themselves in household work and enjoy helping you as well.

Identify the activities that your child enjoys regularly. Help him acquire a skill while keeping a balance between study and activity time. Indoor activities may include a walk or jog in the home lawn, watering plants, playing with toys, board games, music, playing instruments and helping in household chores.

Dedicated family time should be a part of your daily routine. Let them talk to their peers and teachers when they miss them. Do not forget to include your child’s opinion and preferences in this routine. Remind one another that this situation is temporary and your determination to get out of this after acquiring strength, resilience, good memories and a sound experience will help you get smoothly through this journey. Consider it as an ideal time to achieve what you were not able to during normal days and an opportunity to set a routine that will help your child in the longer run.

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