How to Develop Cognitive Skills in Your Child

Cognitive skills are the brain-based abilities acquired from a set of practical experiences of versatility. These skills are helpful in the execution of tasks varying from simple to relatively complex ones. Cognition is all about our understanding of the world and conducting oneself well accordingly.

Cognitive skills are a set of mental capabilities the involve the complex processes of learning, problem-solving, attention, remembrance, communication, perception, insight and acquired learning and social skills. Cognition is not just a process of acquiring new information; it involves an interplay of various specialized areas of brain supported by complex and intricate neuronal networks.

Cognitive development is a key part of complex brain development. It is important to lay down a sound foundation of an efficient cognitive development in the early years of the brain development of your child as these years are specifically crucial for language, motor, communication and cognitive development.

Acquisition of deep-rooted cognitive skills is not a simple process accomplished merely in a day or two. It is a composite long term process involving a fairly great number of factors, starting as soon as a child is born and requiring day to day active engagement in learning and interacting spheres of his life.

It is emphasized to spend some quality time with your child. It not only engages him in healthy activities but also conveys a strong message that he is important to you and other family members. This ultimately helps him recognize his self worth and becoming a confident person who knows how to fit in and survive in the world.

Encourage your child to ask questions no matter how trivial or silly they may sound. This opens up new doors of knowledge and learning and helps in sharpening up his acquired cognitive skills. Give him every opportunity to gain meaning and knowledge from his experiences and acquired pieces of information to incorporate them into the freshly learnt details and facts.

One of the best things to do is to relate the cognitive development of your child with the age-related milestones. Preschoolers learn the best by playing. It is important to ensure that when your child is playing, he is in a constant process of learning, problem-solving and brainstorming all that time. This is undoubtedly the best way to make efficient use of the developmental milestones in the acquisition of new and invaluable cognitive skills which will last for a lifetime.

Your four or five years old has a relatively shorter concentration span and tends to get bored easily. As he is restless by nature, it is crucial to engage him in interesting activities and make him predict the possible outcomes all by himself. It is possible by asking him engaging and engrossing questions so that he doesn’t get bored easily. Put forward some compulsive challenges and build a strong sense of competition in these years of life.

Introduce simple board games for your child. Indulge him in reading activities and bring him interesting and knowledgable books. Jigsaw puzzles and memory games are also proved to be salubrious for mental health and cognitive development. Researches have shown that children learn a lot from the auditory and visual experiences.

Make him memorize and act on kids rhymes and jingles with appropriate gestures in a way to maximize his opportunity to retain the knowledge acquired.

Outdoor games sound like a perfect idea as they help in exploring new and useful information. Your child learns how to develop social interactions. He gets a chance to learn new information, incorporate into previously acquired facts, process these facts and then speak about it. Help him in the progressive strengthening of previously acquired cognitive skills.

Parents should teach their children the established relationship between cause and effect. If your child gets able to anticipate the consequences of his actions, he can easily learn to be a responsible person with proficient and reasonable decision-making abilities.

One of the key steps in the cognitive development of your child is the provision of all the opportunities that enable him to stay focused on an assigned task, overcome the distractions in the surrounding and to effectively store  the acquired knowledge in his working memory.

Teach your kids various shapes and colours that are part of our everyday life. Encourage them to take part in daily chores and do not forget to reward them for their achievements. One of the effective ways to sharpen the imaginative capability of your child is to play pretend and acquire experience with social interactions. All of these activities help sharpen their abilities of reasoning, problem-solving, comprehension and give effective learning experiences. These acquired cognitive skills will ultimately help your child not only in his classroom but outside the class as well.

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